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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Oct/2003: "Cairn Gorm"

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Cairn Gorm

I should have been in bed hours ago, but then I wanted to finish the pages... Finally it's time again for a shameless plug: I completed a few more pages for the Scotland Summer 2003 travelogue. A visit to Cairn Gorm Mountain in the Cairngorms. A fantastic walk with beautiful views. I hope the two QuickTime VR panoramas do the views justice, a view of Cairn Gorm and a view south west from Cairn Gorm (note: 3.8MB download each, fast connection recommended). I hope to add further pages later today after I had some sleep.

But while we are at the topic, you might also want to visit the official site of the Cairngorms National Park. A very nice site already, even though the full version will only be rolled out in 2004. Try the video in the Multimedia section, very nice.

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