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Legalese - Disclaimer, privacy statement, contact information and all that.


I'm no legal expert, but this is how I see it: In a nutshell, everything on this site is © Armin Grewe 2024. This includes drawings, pictures, photos and texts (apart from any pictures I might have copied from free clipart galleries). Don't even think about using them in your website/ CD-ROM/ newspaper/ etc without my permission (quoting is obviously fine). If you ask me nicely, I'm sure we can work something out.

Obviously you can link to this site (I would actually appreciate that) without explicitly asking me. I hope you'll let me know though and make positive comments about the site. Negative comments (if factual) I probably won't like, but accept. Defamatory or insulting comments I might do something about.

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Also I accept no liability connected to you using this website. I give no guarantee that the information on this website is correct, current or complete. So don't blame me if you make a wrong decision (whatever decision this might be) based on information you found on this website. I give no guarantee that this website will always work correctly and accept no responsibility for any technical problems you might have.

I'm not responsible for the content of any external websites I link to (Apart from my own sites). At the time of linking to them I was not aware of any illegal (or otherwise nasty) content of external sites.

Everything I write here or comment on is my own opinion/view and not anyone elses. In particular it does not necessarily reflect the views of any past, present or future employer, my family or friends. Do not connect anything I write here with them.

Privacy statement

I may keep a record of any and all use of forms on this website. That record is for reference in case there should be questions or investigations. In some cases, I may count the number of form uses and/or the data submitted thereby for statistical and/or demographic purposes. No personal information (including names and e-mail addresses) will be voluntarily released to any other person or entity.

I collect aggregate information site-wide, including anonymous website stats. I also log domain names, referrers and/or IP addresses. More information is not gathered by me without users' knowing and active permission and participation. This website does not use cookies.

I review and discard the information in some cases, while in others I may use the information to help diagnose problems with my server, to administer my websites, to tailor my visitors' Web experience, and/or to generate anonymous statistics.


If you need to contact me please use my Contact page to send me an e-mail. For privacy reasons I'm not publishing any further information on this website. But then again it shouldn't be too difficult to find further information about me anyway...