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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Oct/2003: "Oooops...."

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The BBC has two reports about costly (or at least potentially costly) mistakes and mishaps, I can relate to both of them in a way:

First from the world of business, a report on unfavourable comments by company bosses about their own products. I wasn't living in the UK when Gerald Ratner made his comments about his "crap" offerings, although I've read about it various times. The latest one is more interesting from my point of view, where Matt Barrett (Chief Executive of Barclays Bank) effectively recommends not to use Barclaycard. I've got a Barclaycard, but as I always pay off my balance in full I don't incur any interest. Nevertheless it makes me wonder...

The second one is about computing, losing data or at least damaging your PC through human error. It includes the usual leaving the laptop on the roof of the car when driving off (I've seen people doing that with the wallets, although not with a laptop so far ;-)). I've managed to pull my laptop off my desk on the modem cable a few years ago, the floor it fell on was tiled. It did survive without any immediate damage, although it died about a year later from what I believe after-effects of the fall. Since then I'm much more careful with modem cables and the like. Once I've been able to afford a WiFi access point there won't be any modem cable in my home any more...

Any of this sound familiar to you?

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