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Ministry of Propaganda - 15/Oct/2003: "Mozilla 1.5"

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Mozilla 1.5

Coincidence or purpose? On the 15th Mozilla 1.5 is released. The download server seems to be struggling a bit, I needed several attempts until I was able to download it. No major changes to the browser part of it, but I upgraded anyway. Only annoying thing is that none of my preferred themes work with it yet, in particular I'm missing LoFi Classic as my favourite theme. But I'm sure that will be fixed soon.

Just took a look at the about:config, interesting lines in there: timebomb.first_launch_time sounds interesting ;-)

And while I'm at the about:config, does anyone know the answer to this question: I don't want to use Mozilla mail, but my own e-mail client. Hence I set network.protocol-handler.external.mailto to true (as explained in the FAQ). This works fine for mailto:-links. However, it doesn't work if try to use the "Send link..." option from the File-menu. Does anyone know if I can change that somehow? Is there a preference for that somewhere?

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When writing this entry the weather was: clear as far as I can tell. I can see some stars.

When writing this entry I was listening to: nothing

During the last hour before I wrote this entry I visited this website: SelfHTML Forum (in German)

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