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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Oct/2003: "Telespam?"

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I'm not sure how much of this is likely to spill over to Europe, but Techdirt picks up on a report about telemarketers and mobile phones (or cell phones for Americans) in BusinessWeek.

Having just moved house and during that changed my home phone number it is amazingly quiet so far. Seems the telemarketers haven't really discovered my new number yet. At least the useless telemarketers from NTL haven't called yet. Even after I told them that I don't have a television they didn't stop calling me. Now I've just registered my number with the TPS, let's see if that works.

Thinking about telemarketers potentially discovering mobile phones fills me with horror. The SMS-Spam is bad enough (You have won xyz, call...), but thinking they might start calling me on my mobile phone as well is even worse. Sitting in a pub and someone calls to sell you double-glazing. Enjoying the sun in a park and someone calls to sell you an insurance. No thanks.

Especially keeping in mind that I potentially have to pay for it would seriously annoy me: If they leave a message on my voicemail I have to pay to pick it up (as I don't know who left the message. And I have to delete in any case, which means a call). Should I be travelling abroad and they call me I would have to pay the roaming charges (this already happened to me once, when Vodafone called me to sell me some upgrade to my contract and I was travelling in Germany).

Well, let's see how this develops. May be registering on the do-not-call list does help?

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