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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Oct/2003: "Saturday evening surfing"

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Saturday evening surfing

I spent most of today cleaning my old flat, preparing for the handover next week. The guy who was supposed to pick up my old washing machine stood me up (again), he now promised to pick it up on Monday. I hope he keeps his promise this time. Otherwise I need to think about plan B. Whatever that might be...

Anyway, too tired to do much else, so just a bit of surfing the web and some blogging this evening. Some links I found today or over the last few days:

From the popular series "What were they thinking?" this weeks prize must go to British Sugar. At least they admit it wasn't the best idea. And the kids probably won't be too disappointed that their parties had to be cancelled.

On the internet nobody knows you are a dog. Or don't look like a look like a model.

How to liven up a drive along a boring country road (Page is in German, just click on the picture if you don't understand German, the video has no words anyway) - Link via vowe dot net

And here is the Embassy of Easter Frisia online (Also available in Plattdüütsch). Just in case you need to find out about the entry regulations for your next visit for a Kohlfahrt. Link via H-BLOG.

Berti's boys made it to the play-offs for Euro 2004, finishing second in the group behind Germany. The U21's did one better and won their group ahead of Germany. Finally success for Vogts and Bonhof?

So far no budget cuts at this blog (apart from may be the occasional time budget cuts), so I don't think I have to steal any ideas from this weeks b3ta challenge: budget cuts yet. Some really good entries this week I think.

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