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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Oct/2003: "Racism?"

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Various media report about a study by Professor Bill Miller from Glasgow University, e.g. the BBC, the Evening Times and a student magazine The Student from Edinburgh. The topic? Anti-English racism in Scotland.

According to the reports the research shows that a significant proportion of English people living in Scotland believe that the Scots are anti-English or Anglophobic. A lot of them had to deal with anti-English jokes and similar experiences.

Well, judging by the complaints made in the reports the Scots must be a quite nice bunch. I think you'll find it difficult to find any German who didn't have to endure anti-German jokes by English people (5-1 anyone? Towel on the sunbeds anyone?). Or any French person who didn't have to endure various types of abuse by Americans (Freedom fries anyone? Cheese eating surrender monkeys anyone?)

Sorry Professor Miller, I'm not convinced by your research. Or at least not by the way you communicated it to the press and/or how the press reported it.

And no, I don't think the English or the Americans are racist.

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