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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jan/2010: "New Years Walk 2010"

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New Years Walk 2010

Picture of a block of flats next to a canal

Happy New Year! Time to get used to writing 2010 instead of 2009. While the snow from just before Christmas is now all gone New Years Day in West Berkshire turned out to be a very nice day. I spent the morning and lunchtime listening to the New Year´s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic while having some nice food and later on opening a bottle of Bruichladdich PC8 Islay single malt whisky. A good start into the new year. Then I went for a walk along the canal in the afternoon:

The stretch at Aldermaston Wharf Lock with Lockside court looked very nice in the bright sunshine. Next a view you might remember from the Snow at the Kennet & Avon Canal entry, the alley just before Fronds Bridge:

Picture of the sun shining through trees along a canal

Half a mile further down the canal I spotted a nice view: Earlier in the week parts of a field had been flooded and then frozen over. The water had since run off leaving the ice behind high and dry, where it now started to break up.

Picture of ice breaking up after the water under it had run off

After about 45 minutes I reached my destination for the afternoon, The Rowbarge in Woolhampton. It was very busy, but I managed to find a seat at the bar, where I enjoyed a pint of ‘Good Old Boy’ from the West Berkshire Brewery and some crisps.

Picture of The Rowbarge pub in Woolhampton in the January afternoon sun

Refreshed I started the walk back, knowing I had enough time to get back home before it went completely dark. The sun soon set, but it being a clear day the twilight provided enough light to take me home safely. Not to forget providing some great views of the canal in the gloaming, here's the stretch near Fronds Bridge again, this time with the light slowly fading:

Picture of a tree lined canal in the twilight after sunset

Let's hope this afternoon was a good sign of what the year will bring and we're going to have a great year 2010!

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