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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/Dec/2009: "Aldermaston Wharf in The Gloaming"

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Aldermaston Wharf in The Gloaming

Picture of a canal lock with an apartment building in bright winter sunshine

The (long) weekend finished as it had begun, with snow and wonderful weather. Some of the snow from Friday was still around and a further dusting had been added over night. Not much, but enough to make it all look pretty again. Through the day we had brilliant sunshine with clear skies, leading to some fantastic light after sunset, also known as ‘the gloaming’ or twilight.

With the help of a small tripod and the self-timer in the camera I tried to capture at least some of the view from my window, hopefully also capturing a bit of the calm mood. These are three of the pictures I managed to take, the white spot on the wider angle pictures is the moon:

Picture of a view over a canal at last light on a clear cold winter day

The branches of the trees without their leaves looked great against the dark yet light sky:

Picture of tree branches against a winter evening sky in the twilight

The moon is just a crescent at the moment, looking very nice through the branches:

Picture of a crescent moon through the branches of trees

That's the best I can offer, I hope you like the pictures! For more pictures of the twilight/gloaming I recommend the (previously mentioned) Scotland In The Gloaming.

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