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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Jan/2010: "Snowmen and Icicles"

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Snowmen and Icicles

Unless you are a hermit you will have noticed that it currently is rather cold in the UK and we had a lot of snow, so much snow that almost the whole country has been turned white. Many pictures and videos have been published about the snow and what comes with it, so I thought I might as well add mine as well. For this evening they are of the Snowgiant and his wife as well as some icicles:

Picture of two snowmen, one large male and a smaller female

This giant snowman (my estimate is 8ft tall) and his wife (she was much smaller, I'd estimate 5ft) were built outside Lockside Court in Aldermaston Wharf on Wednesday. I took the pictures on a wonderful sunny morning on Thursday. Unfortunately they are gone already, not sure if they just collapsed or if someone took them down.

Picture of two snowmen, one large male and a smaller femalePicture of two icicles hanging from a roof, sunset in the background

The other thing we are getting now are rapidly growing icicles, in particular along the roofs. The two above were outside of my bedroom window, picture taken with the nice background of a winter sunset. Below some from my spare room, in the background the frozen and snow covered pond and the houses at Mallard Way:

Picture of icicles hanging from a roof, a wintry landscape in the background

That's all for tonight, I'll probably post a few more snow pictures over the next few days.

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