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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jan/2007: "New Year Pub Walk"

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New Year Pub Walk

Picture of a slightly dodgy looking bridge

After two weekends without a proper walk (well, I'm lying, I had a nice walk with my father on Christmas Eve) it was time to get out a bit again. What started as a short stroll to stretch my legs a bit turned into a very nice New Year's Day pub walk, albeit with a quite wet end.

I left to walk along the Old Town railtrack, overlooking the Front Garden and the M4. Walking along the track I had an idea: If it was possible to reach a bridge over the M4 I could visit a pub in Wroughton for a pint before returning home. I left the railtrack and walked south along a lane leading to some farm buildings. At a bend I found a slightly dodgy looking wood bridge to cross a small stream. This led to a rather wet and muddy footpath which took me to the bridge over the motorway. Sorted.

Picture of a panoramic view over a motorway and towards houses on a low hill

From the bridge over the M4 I had a good view back over the Front Garden, or what is going to be called Wichelstowe in the future. Up to 4,500 homes (according to the website) are going to be built here over the next 15 years. There have been quite a few protests against the project and after walking over the fields I'm wondering if it is a good idea to build up the area. It looked very much like a flood plain to me, very very wet after the rain the last few days. They'll need to put in some serious drainage if they don't want frequent flooding...

Picture of the Check Inn pub in Wroughton

Having crossed the motorway I turned left and after walking over another very wet and muddy field I reached The Check Inn. Time for a pint, I had a Kennet Valley from the Ramsbury Brewery. The Check Inn is known for its beers, for any Germans living in the UK but not interested in Real Ale they also serve Flensburger, Bitburger and Erdinger Weissbräu.

After the rest I left to return home. My hopes for a dry walk home were dashed quickly: Soon after leaving the pub the first rain drops started to fall. It didn't take long and the light rain had changed to a heavy downpour. While I had a rainjacket my trousers were soaked by the time I arrived back home. A nice warm bath with a wee dram of Laphroaig and some chocolate helped me to warm up again.

And with that the Christmas holidays are over, an early night tonight before it's back to work tomorrow...

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