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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Jan/2007: "Organ Donor"

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Organ Donor

Yesterday I registered as an organ donor at UK Transplant. Nothing spectacular in that, just something I had thought about doing for a long time but never got round to. Which might be the problem, as there aren't enough registered donors. According to UK transplant 90% of the people asked say they support organ donation, but only 23% have registered.

I recently applied for my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). When it arrived it contained a leaflet about organ donation, which finally spurred me into action. I could have used the freepost form from the leaflet, but decided to just register as an organ donor via the internet. Took only a minute, as I had already made the decision.

Others might need the final push as well, as UK transplant is asking for help I thought I do my little contribution with this post to help spread the word. May be I can inspire a reader (or two, or three, or more) from the UK to register?

The page for readers from Germany seems to be here: BZgA - Organspende schenkt Leben - Organspende ? Eine ganz persönliche Frage. The US site is at Organ and Tissue Donation. From down under the Australian Organ Donation Register web site. And those are just the ones I found through a very quick search.

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