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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Nov/2006: "More Sunday Walking at the Thames"

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More Sunday Walking at the Thames

Picture of a river with a nice row of trees behind it
Picture of a beautiful old village (Buscot)
Picture of geese grazing on a field

Last weekend I went for a Sunday afternoon walk at the Thames, this weekend I decided to continue on the theme and went for another walk along the Thames. Today I parked near St John's bridge and turned east, walking along the Thames.

Initially I walked south of the Thames, but soon crossed to the north at the Bloomer Hole Footbridge. The path follows the Thames with a few nice views over the river and surrounding areas. I soon remembered that I had walked here before, but couldn't remember many details. After a while I arrived at Buscot Lock, where I had turned around the previous time I had walked here.

From the lock I walked into the village of Buscot for a quick look around. While I have visited Buscot Park a few years ago with my sister I hadn't been to Buscot yet. The village is very nice with a lot of old beautiful houses and other buildings. The only problem were all the cars parked everywhere, making taking nice pictures quite difficult. A resident I had a brief chat with told me how annoyed he was about all the cars and how they spoil everything, especially considering that there is a free car park less than 100yds down the road. Past the lock I returned to the Thames to continue my walk.

Again walking along the river I continued to the site of the Old Hart's Weir. There's not much to see, so I walked on a little bit until reaching Kelmscott. Along the way I was reminded of Islay when I noticed a large flock of geese feeding on a field. I assume they weren't Barnacle Geese (not sure how to identify them), but they reminded me of Islay nevertheless.

Now it was time to return, I tracked back to Old Hart's Weir where I crossed the Thames. Following a footpath over and along a number of fields I walked back to Buscot Weir, then past Buscot Church and Cheese Wharf (no cheese to see here, but local speciality cheese used to be sent to London from here) back to my car at St John's bridge. After just over three hours I arrived back at my car, having covered around 6-7 miles. A nice Sunday walk before going back to the job hunt on Monday.

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