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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Nov/2006: "Blackmail Spam?"

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Blackmail Spam?

In old crime stories or movies the blackmailer usually cuts individual letters or words out of newspapers to compose his (or sometimes her) letter with the ransom demand. It seems at least one spammer is using a similar method to try to avoid the spam filters:

Picture of a spam e-mail with the letters made out of individual images

Apart from the filler junk around it to confuse the filters the real message is composed out of individual images for each letter. To save you from counting them, there are 19 images attached in the mail (my e-mail client doesn't load images from the web, as probably a lot of clients don't nowadays). I assume the idea is to avoid new spam filters which can analyse images, as the individual images only contain one letter each and therefore aren't 'suspicious'. Not sure if this is new, at least it's the first time I've seen it done this way.

Oh, and my spam filter still caught it.

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