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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/Nov/2006: "Technorati Confused Again?"

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Technorati Confused Again?

After starting to write on my IslayBlog again I thought I'll take a look at Technorati to see if anyone is actually reading it and more importantly linking to it. As far as I could remember the last time I looked 5 blogs were linking to it. Therefore I was pleased when I saw the '6 blogs link here' text despite not blogging anything for a month. Now I wanted to see who was linking to it. Only to be greeted with this:

Picture of a confusing screenshot from Technorati

Huh? 64 links or no links? What is it? I've read Making Sense of Link Counts, but that makes even less sense. The number in the green box is the number of links in the last 180 days. So how can the total number of links ever be none?

But looking at this very blog it looks more like a general problem as I get almost exactly the same. Links but no links:

Picture of another confusing screenshot from Technorati

I guess it's back to the good old referrer logs. If only they weren't rendered pretty much useless by all the fake spam referrers...

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