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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Sep/2006: "Sunday Lunchtime Walk"

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Sunday Lunchtime Walk

Old black and white picture of a hotel around 1945
Picture of a road junction

Last weekend I went for my Sunday Afternoon Walk to Yatesbury and Cherhill, this weekend I stayed in Swindon for a Sunday lunchtime walk. Going for a Sunday lunchtime (or afternoon for that matter) walk in Swindon might not sound too exciting, but I had a good reason for doing it:

Among my pages about Swindon & Wiltshire I have a page with pictures of Swindon in the 1940s. They were sent to me by the daughter of an American soldier, James Max Porter, who was stationed near Swindon during World War II. The page only shows how it looked back then, what's missing is a comparison to today.

That's why I went out to take pictures of how the same view looks today in 2006. I managed to take pictures of all the views on the page mentioned above, so work can begin soon. What I hadn't realised is that I actually have a few more pictures, which for some reason I didn't include on the page. They include The Rifleman's Hotel, which still exists today although looks slightly different now.

Weather permitting I'll soon go for a quick walk to take the missing pictures, then I'll complete the 'Swindon - Then & Now' page. Watch this space for updates...

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