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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Sep/2006: "Google Maps and Strange Roads"

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Google Maps and Strange Roads

Screenshot of a road cut in half, not aligning correctly

Playing around with Google Maps this morning, when I found this interesting road near Winterbourne Basset. And while I was at it I found a few more interesting sights on the way, e.g. White Horses and Stone Circles:

Here's the Broad Hinton White Horse. Unfortunately a little bit in the shade and therefore not such a nice view, but here's the Cherhill White Horse, where I walked just over a week ago. Oh, not much to see as you're looking from the top, but here's the Lansdowne Monument

Then there's a strange hill in the landscape, which is Silbury Hill near Avebury. Which nicely leads me to Avebury Stone Circle, (closer view)

And finally a more urban view, a really strange thing: Yes, it's the Magic Roundabout in Swindon (For views closer to the ground try my Magic Roundabout page)

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