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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Sep/2006: "Diary/Calendar Problem"

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Diary/Calendar Problem

Earlier today I stumbled over a slight problem: When I was still working at Intel I didn't use a diary, I just used the calendar option in Outlook. Most of the time I had my laptop with me anyway, so could access it pretty much anywhere. That obviously doesn't apply any more, so I needed some other solution to track appointments now that my job search is under way.

I didn't want an online solution like Google Calendar, as I would have to find a computer with internet access every time I wanted to check it. I could have considered some kind of PDA, but I'm not a great friend of them (apart from the obvious cost, money I don't want to spend right now). No, just a simple paper diary where I could jot down appointments and other events. Only a slight problem with that: We are 3/4s through the year, most shops now sell diaries for 2007, but none for 2006. Where could I get a diary for 2006?

It turned out I just had to go back to university: At Staples I found academic diaries, I ended up buying a Collins Meta Week to View Academic Diary 06/07. Problem solved.

And why am I blogging this? a) because I can. b) because I'm not the only one with that problem. I mentioned this at the Outplacement Agency, where I was told I wasn't the first one to mention it. Most people use software solutions at work and/or company issued PDAs, neither are available to them after they leave.

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