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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Sep/2006: "Stradivari Bomb"

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Stradivari Bomb

If it wasn't so stupid and having such an impact on the musicians it would almost be funny: Musicians are banned from taken their instruments as cabin baggage. Just in case someone has an exploding Stradivari or a deadly bagpipe? What would Bruce say?

Mark Elder (Music Director of the Hallé Orchestra) has another take on it: Otherwise it seems to me that next year we should all look forward to 'Concerto for Laptop and Orchestra'. See also: Conductor criticises air security. Business travellers are allowed to take their laptops on board, probably because they have a strong enough lobby. Musicians with instruments worth thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds, frequently even booking an extra seat for their instrument, are not allowed to take them.

Considering the way hold luggage is often treated I wouldn't want to put my livelihood in there. I remember the hassle when my father's luggage got lost two years ago, when it finally arrived the contents were damp, as if they had been sitting outside in the rain and cold over night. Now imagine this with a very old, fragile and highly valuable cello or violin...

But this is how stupid security theatre measures 'in the current environment' are helping to destroy our lives and helping the terrorists win.

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