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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Jul/2006: "I'm For Sale (Again)"

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I'm For Sale (Again)

Yesterday evening after adding AdSense to a few pages on one of my other sites I looked through the pages to see what kind of ads would be served when I noticed this one, looks like I'm for sale again:

Screenshot of an eBay affiliate ad from Google AdSense

I've been for sale before, but back then it only the generic 'armin', not 'armin.grewe' as this time. As far as I know these ads come from some kind of affiliate buying all kinds of keywords and somehow earning a commission. Now this might make sense for 'armin', may be someone is looking for some Armin van Buuren CDs, some Armin Shimerman memorabilia or even something from Armin Meiwes. But for my whole name? You've lost me there...

PS: The ad isn't being served on the page any more now, some other (much more fitting) ads are shown now.

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