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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Jul/2006: "River Kennet Walk"

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River Kennet Walk

Picture of swans on a river
Picture of a house at a river in a lush green area

After all the excitement of the Germany - Argentina game on Friday and with the weather being very nice on Saturday afternoon I decided to skip the England - Portugal game (with hindsight probably a wise decision) and go for a walk instead. Hoping for some cooler air along some water I chose to walk along the River Kennet near Marlborough:

I parked in the layby near Ogbourne Maizey on the A346 just before Marlborough. The first stretch of my walk was over some meadows to Poulton Farm, then on towards Mildenhall. Close to Mildenhall I was able to get quite close to the water, where I saw two swans with four young swans. Having walked on the northern side so far I crossed over to the river in Mildenhall to continue towards Axford.

Despite it being quite late in the afternoon it was still very hot, the water didn't seem to cool it down at all. I saw a number of very nice houses along the river, must be very nice to live here on a day like this. After about 2.5 hours I arrived in Axford, the turning point for the walk. I had hoped for a pint in the pub in Axford, unfortunately it was closed when I arrived, so the water I was carrying had to be sufficient. From Axford I crossed over towards Sound Bottom, where I had a nice view over a wide open landscape:

Picture of a view over a wide landscape in the mild early evening sun

The second part of my walk took me through Sound Bottom, past Blackrabbit Barn and Woodlands Farm and over Poulton Downs. After about 4.5 hours and approx 8 miles I arrived back in Ogbourne Maizey. A quite nice although very warm walk on a Saturday afternoon. I quickly drove home, checked out the football results and had a well earned beer before going to bed.

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