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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/May/2006: "Fitba"

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OK then, Scotland didn't qualify (Thanks Berti...), Germany has a team of no-hopers and Team Rooney is not feeling too well. I guess that's the Football World Cup 2006 sorted. My money is on Trinidad and Tobago. If Greece can do it, why not the Soca Warriors?

Meanwhile over in Germany Johnny at Spreeblick has admitted that he bought an England shirt while all over the world the big stars are showing off their amazing football skills (via Nothing to do with Arbroath (and don't click on the third link of his entry, really not a good idea)).

I think that's enough football blogging for a while, at least until the World Cup. (You're right, that's enough football blogging. Do something productive and get back to that travelogue. Now. Ed.)

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