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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/May/2006: "No, This Blog Isn't Dead"

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No, This Blog Isn't Dead

Reports of a demise of this blog are very much premature. Despite a definite scarceness of postings here at the moment this blog isn't dead yet. I'm just busy with other things at the moment, right now I'm working on a QuickTime VR version of this panorama:

Picture of a 180° panoramic view of a coastline

Once complete (hopefully some time Thursday evening) it will show up on the (shameless plug time!) WalkIslay 2006 panorama. But then you knew that, didn't you?

In other news Hearts will play in the Champions League next season after securing second place in the SPL, the first non-Old Firm club to do so. Which means Rangers won't be there, they'll play in the UEFA Cup, together with, ehm, Gretna F.C. (see also Gretna's Uefa Cup berth is booked)

And from the completely irrelevant news department: Pig holds up traffic. There you have it...

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