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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Mar/2006: "Dating?"

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Picture of a screenshot from a logfile analysis tool showing a list of dating websites

Ok, ok, I know I'm single. But does that mean that some stupid referrer spammer has to bombard my sites with hundreds of hits for fake referrers for at least 20 dating websites?

This is not fun any more, first the forum spammer, then largely useless logfiles with bogus referrers.

Oh, a little hint for the bogus referrer search engine optimiser link spammer as well: I don't display my referrers anywhere, you might as well stop sending me your fake referrers, whichever way you're doing it. You won't get any link goodness here (unless someone is so stupid to type the links from the screenshot into their browser. I don't think Google reads URLs out of images yet).

That's it for today, I've had enough for now. I'm turning off the laptop and will read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell instead. I only hope I'm not reaching another tipping point soon...

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