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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Mar/2006: "How Much Longer?"

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How Much Longer?

How long do these spam runs last? The current run started yesterday somewhere around 18:30 UK time, it is now 23:15 UK time the following day and it is still coming in. So far I've had to delete 300 (yes three hundred) spam entries from the forum. From giving up yesterday evening to logging in first thing this morning there were 100 spam entries looking quite daunting to tackle.

Unfortunately the admin function of the forum isn't very comfortable so I have to delete each of them indivdually. The cleanup this morning took me easily 15 minutes, only to be greeted by even more soon afterwards. I estimate I need approx 5-10 seconds per post to delete, over all I've easily spent 30min but more likely 45min just deleting this crap since the whole thing started yesterday. Not something I can maintain for very much longer. Oh, and I've also lost a whole bunch of older forum postings, not entirely sure why, if the script was overwhelmed or something.

I don't like writing this, but if it looks anything like this again tomorrow morning most likely the forum is gone. I'm fed up with it (and not for the first time). Yes, the spammers will have won, but I've got better things to do than wasting my time deleting all this rubbish.

I don't want to use an external service (have been burned by that before) and can't be bothered to find, learn about and install something else. Sorry. Thank the spammers.

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