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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Mar/2006: "I'd prefer spending my time"

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I'd prefer spending my time

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on blogging something interesting, but then some f*****g spammer has other ideas: They are coming in roughly 5 minute intervals and have been for the last three or so hours. Spam entries into my discussion forum. The usual texas holdem, casino and other rubbish (Hope that's not going to attract even more of them...).

Not that there is any point in it: As blogged before the forum doesn't interpret HTML, meaning it won't give them any Google (or any other) goodness. Those spammers are getting more and more stupid every day.

Sigh, I better get back to deleting the crap, before I give up for today and go to bed. Not looking forward to tomorrow, depending on when he (or could it be a she?) gives up...

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