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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jan/2006: "New Year, New Expats"

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New Year, New Expats

Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr! After listening to the New Year's Day Concert from Vienna earlier I'm now listening to An International Celebration. A good start to the new year! After cleaning up yesterday today is the day to start fresh and add new things. Or in other words, add a few more bloggers to my Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) list (or in one case to the Returned Expats page). Here are the latest additions:

  1. A German in Scotland
  2. An American in Germany (Frankfurt)
  3. Just arrived, another American in Germany (Düsseldorf)
  4. A German in Canada
  5. A Dutch Kiwi who's just moved to London after two years in Paris
  6. A Brit in Albania (the first blog from Albania on my list)
  7. A Brit in the US, following her American husband who just returned from the UK
  8. A Brit in the US (who has relatives living near Swindon)
  9. A German studying in Scotland (blogging in German)
  10. A Canadian knitting in the UK
  11. A Brit in Tokyo
  12. From South Africa to the UK (the first blogger from South Africa on my list)
  13. A Canadian in the UK (living in Swindon, I think fairly close to where I live)
  14. A German in the UK

That's 15 new blogs for now, I think that's enough. I've got the strange feeling I forgot to add someone, if so send me a note and I'll add you with the next update.

(Yeah, that's enough new blogs. Time for a tea and chocolate chip muffin break. Ed.)

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