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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Jan/2006: "Angie The Football Expert"

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Angie The Football Expert

According to Stan Hey 2006 could be English football's greatest year since 1966. The bookies make England 2nd favourite and for most of the tabloid press they will probably win the World Cup 2006 in Germany. If only there wasn't a new twist to it. In her New Years address recently elected German chancellor Angela Merkel said:

Natürlich drücken wir unserer Mannschaft die Daumen, und ich glaube, die Chancen sind gar nicht schlecht. Die Frauenfußball-Nationalmannschaft ist ja schon Fußballweltmeister, und ich sehe keinen Grund, warum Männer nicht das Gleiche leisten können wie Frauen.

Which translates to as much as:

Of course we keep our fingers crossed for our team and I believe the chances [of winning the World Cup] aren't that bad. After all the women's national team is already football world champion and I don't see any reason why men can't achieve the same as women.

I guess the men have something to prove now.

(Found via VoWe)

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