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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Nov/2005: "An Evening With The Smiths"

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An Evening With The Smiths

Yesterday evening Bloglines wasn't refreshing feeds for some reason, an excellent opportunity to spend an evening with Mr. & Mrs. Smith. John and Jane provided some excellent entertainment, I must say.

Not exactly highbrow entertainment, but good oldfashioned action comedy. Not much to think about, but just to enjoy. If you don't know what it is about: Mr and Mrs Smith are a couple married for five (or six) years and their marriage is in a bit of trouble. They both have secrets from each other, mainly that they are both professional assassins working for rival organisations. Until they are both assigned on to the same target that is. That's when it comes out in a big explosion (pun intended).

Quite a few good lines without resorting to sledgehammer humour and (as far as I can tell, I'm a bad judge of acting capabilities) good chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie playing John and Jane Smith. Brad Pitt doesn't seem to take himself too serious and plays the role of the husband/assassin who discovers that his wife is better than him ("How many did you kill? Just roughly, not exact numbers?") very well. Angelina Jolie is great at pretending to be a housewife ("Dinner's at seven") while going about her deadly business. The plot sometimes has gaps and some things don't necessarily makes sense, but it didn't really seem to matter.


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