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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Nov/2005: "I Predict A Chaos"

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I Predict A Chaos

Picture of snow on a roof window
Picture of a snowy view out of a window

Well, it's nowhere near to what they have up north, but we just had the first snow for this winter here in Swindon. If there's more over the rest of the night I predict chaos for tomorrow morning. Drivers here don't cope well with snow. Good that I only have to walk to work.

Let's see how the weather develops over the next few days, as I'm planning to go up to Glasgow for a long weekend next week. I'm hoping to go hillwalking (Arrochar Alps, around Loch Lomond or in the Trossachs. Haven't figured out the details yet) two or three times, but I have no intention to end up like these guys. Better make sure my compass is in perfect working order and my maps are up to date.

Should the weather be too bad for walking there's always the Glühwein at the German Christmas Market again. I haven't been to the Gallery of Modern Art for a while either, I could also take a look at the McLellan Galleries.

Either way, I hope the weather will be good enough to allow me to travel without too many problems. And I'll have to try to finish the well overdue Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue before I leave...

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