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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Nov/2005: "******* Spammers!"

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******* Spammers!

Screenshot of two entries in Technorati

This is a family friendly and work safe blog, so I leave it to your imagination to figure out what I have to say about spammers: **** ***, ******* spammer, *** *** *** ** ****!! Yes, I'm getting a bit annoyed with spammers again at the moment.

My Technorati search for this blog just turned up a few more Splogs stealing my content. Nothing new in that, happens all the time, but if one of them is called Diaper - The Diaper Resource and the entry is called Diaper Debacle then I'm getting a bit more annoyed than usual. Yes, I know, the entry in question does mention nappies in one paragraph, but that doesn't mean it should be copied into Splogs. At least they only used the shortened paragraph from my RSS-feed, another reason to stick to shortened feed entries despite the complaints some people have.

In addition to that another one of my domains was hit by forged sender addresses. Last time I only had approx 100 bounces/day, this time I had well over a 1000 in less than an hour. Catch-all for that domain has been turned off, I wouldn't be surprised if the domain is going to be blacklisted by at least some spam filters soon. Thank you dear spammer...

(That's enough spam! Ed.)

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