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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Nov/2005: "Busy Day"

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Busy Day

Already 23:30, time just flew by today. At least I managed to get quite a few things done today: Late this morning I had new tyres put on to my car in preparation for the drive up to Scotland next week. Then I drove over to the Cotswold Outdoor store in South Cerney, where among other things I bought the Lowe Alpine Hi 5 Convertible Mittens. Unfortunately the drive home took longer than I had hoped for as I got stuck in traffic, but by early afternoon I was back. After some washing up and cleaning I had a late lunch while reading The Independent. Finally it was time for some work on the way overdue Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue:

They took quite a while to prepare but now I have narrowed it down to two panoramas of the view from Sgarbh Breac over the Sound of Islay and the north east of Islay. First a view mainly over the Sound of Islay:

Picture of a view from a hill over a sound and some landscape

While a nice enough view it turned out fairly dark and it only really shows the Sound of Islay, so most likely I'll go with another one, which shows a much wider view all over the sound, large parts of the north east of Islay and even looks out to the west:

Picture of a wide angle panorama over a sound and an island

Unfortunately both of them suffer from the low clouds and fairly low visibility. I hope to return to Sgarbh Breac on a clear day with much better visibility to recreate these views. I suspect with the Paps of Jura fully visible and hopefully a view over to Loch Indaal it will be even more impressive.

Either way, I'll finish it tomorrow and upload it to the travelogue. I had also hoped to write about language, symbols and nationalism, trying to bring together Slogan for German feelgood campaign was used by Nazis and Slaying the racist dragon. But that will have to wait until tomorrow, it's late and I'm tired.

(Then just post this entry and get to bed... Ed.)

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