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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Oct/2005: "Off To Malaga"

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Off To Malaga

Phew, managed to complete the pages for the Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue I wanted to complete this weekend. Because now I'm off to Malaga for a few days. Business, not pleasure, though. Internal conference from work. No time for blogging while I'm there.

I probably won't see much, if anything, of Malaga. I think there's a beach barbeque one evening and we might have one free evening. The rest is work. Quite similar to the trip to Geneva 2.5 years ago, where all I saw of Geneva was the road from the airport to the hotel. Does it come through that I don't really like business trips? Guess it does.

Anyway, normal services will resume upon my return. Well, may be not immediately, as the page(s) for my day walking in Glen Affric and to the summit of Mam Sodhail are waiting to be completed. I've been to Glen Affric before (see also 360° QTVR panorama of Glen Affric from the viewpoint), but only at the entrance to the 'real' Glen Affric. This time I walked around Loch Affric and also walked up to the summit of Mam Sodhail (a Munro as well as the thirteenth highest mountain in Britain). The pictures won't be as good as the ones from 2003 as the weather wasn't half as good, but I think there will still be some very nice views and panoramas.

In other news:

In the previous entry I mentioned a spammer forging sender addresses from one of my domains. A reader sent me a link telling me I'm not alone: Spam Huntress: Forged from address. I'm at over 250 bounces now.

Apparently something important is going to happen on Wednesday. And I'm probably going to miss it due to the beforementioned business trip. Well, can't have everything.

Can't remember where I found it and haven't even read it, but #44 - How to learn from your mistakes looks an interesting read. To do for when I'm back.

Another interesting one: Common Courtesy, compare also with Time to Turn Off the Cell Phone.

(Ahem, shouldn't you be in bed by now? Ed.) And with that I'm off to bed. Have to get up at 04:30 latest tomorrow morning. Did I mention that I don't like business trips? (Yes, you did. Now post this entry and get to bed. Ed.)

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