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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Oct/2005: "Progress"

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It took much longer than I had hoped for, but I've just completed the Sandwood Bay page. Completed earlier were the two QTVR panoramas of a view over Sandwood Bay and the dunes and beach of south Sandwood Bay. As I'm in the flow now I've also started the page about starting to travel south again with a visit to the Summer Isles and Ullapool. Not sure yet if it will work, but there might be another panorama coming up:

Picture of a view over the Summer Isles

In other news:

After the earlier spam attack has died down I'm now at the mercy of another spammer. He (or she?) is sending out lots of spam with addresses like or ist (replace with a domain of your choice, in this case one of my domains) as the sender address, meaning I'm receiving bounces (undeliverable, mailbox full, rejected as spam etc) en masse. As of writing this I had more than 170 of them since Friday morning and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Yes, I know I could turn the catch-all off, but there are reasons why I have it running. Don't these people have better things to do than creating hassle for others?

Can't remember where I found this earlier today, but apparently societies are worse off 'when they have God on their side'. Interesting analysis, I wonder what the guys at Freakonomics would say about this?

In football it's Livingston 0-5 Celtic, a nice result. OK, it's against bottom of the table opposition, but still. Seems Strachan is finding his feet.

(That's enough. Get to bed, you can blog more tomorrow... Ed.) OK, OK, I'm off to bed (after a bath) in a minute. Should finish the Summer Isles and Ullapool page tomorrow and hopefully start on the Glen Affric page as well.

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