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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Oct/2005: "Back From Malaga"

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Back From Malaga

That's that done then, I'm back from Malaga. The whole thing was better than expected, so over all I enjoyed it despite my dislike of business trips and conferences. I didn't take any camera with me, meaning I obviously didn't take any pictures. But I found that one of the external trainers we had has a blog and he took some pictures of the hotel and the area.

During the day we had a number of training courses and strategy/business updates. The courses I attended ranged from internal courses on sales strategy, career development and marketing campaign BKMs to courses from external trainers on Linux and (product) innovation. Then there were a number of business and strategy updates about the past and new quarter as well as Intel marketing plans, some interesting stuff in the pipeline there. You'll probably read about it on the Inquirer, The Register and the like soon.

As expected I didn't see much of Malaga and the area in general, with courses and presentations starting at 8:00 and often running until 20:00 (let alone that normal business was still running in the background and e-mails had to be answered when we found time to get online) that wasn't a big surprise though.

At least we did get out on the beach for some beach games the first evening. The second evening we had a team dinner at a restaurant I don't know the name of. Gala Dinner was at the La Meridiana restaurant, very nice. For our last evening the concierge at the hotel recommended the Restaurante Alborada. I managed to keep up my fitness routine and went jogging on the beach near the hotel. Not a place I would spend my holidays on though, even at this time of the year the place was quite busy, the sand was more of a dirty brown and multi-storey hotel and apartment complexes were towering over the beach and coast. I prefer more remote beaches, even when they are a bit colder.

Back home it was time to cope with even more spam again, but more about that later.

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