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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Sep/2005: "Wandern Statt Wählen"

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Wandern Statt Wählen

Picture of two people walking above a valley
Picture of two people sitting at a beer garden table

Or in English: 'Walking Instead of Voting'. My sister had voted via postal ballot already and as blogged previously I've decided not to vote in Germany for the time being. Meaning we went for a nice walk today instead of thinking about today's general election in Germany.

As planned we went on the Castle Combe to Ford walk. We left from Castle Combe around noon with some nice warm sunny breaks between the clouds. Unfortunately the clouds closed completely after a while, at least it remained bright and warmer than expected.

After approx two hours we arrived at the White Hart Inn in Ford. They had stopped serving food when we arrived, so we just had a drink and some crisps. I tried an Otter Bitter, which turned out to be quite nice. After a nice break we returned to Castle Combe along By Brook and via Long Dean.

Back home we've decided to at least follow the election a little bit, so we're looking at the Tagesschau (kind of Germany's BBC) pages occasionally. As of writing this no party/ coalition seems to have a clear majority. And the German election/ politics bloggers are blogging as fast as they can, with the international bloggers joining in.

With that I'm signing off for now, time to make dinner.

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