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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Sep/2005: "More Schultüten"

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More Schultüten

It took a while but finally I can see the first results from my Schultüten posting last week. As of writing this entry two people had posted pictures of them and their Schultüte. Let me know if you post one of you on your first day at school (also without a Schultüte, as that seems to be a German thing only) and I'll add it to the list here:

  1. A very young Cartoonist
  2. A very young Peter
  3. Konstantin unfortunately doesn't have a picture to hand
  4. Marcus (and his sister, further down in the comments)
  5. diaet
  6. Sven
  7. Riemer of Riemer-O-Rama
  8. Goetz Buerkle had one in the shape of a pen

(That's enough Schultüten for now! Ed.)

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