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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Sep/2005: "Donating for Africa"

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Donating for Africa

The blogs are full with entries about Katrina, as are the news with reports from New Orleans. There are requests to donate money for the victims, e.g. through the Red Cross. So I went ahead and donated for the West Africa crisis appeal: Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso.

Why the West Africa Appeal and not the Hurricane Appeal?

Just because Katrina and its impact are now dominating the news it won't make hunger and poverty in Africa go away. People in Africa are still starving and dying in the hundreds, if not thousands. Just a few days ago the UN World Food Programme launched an appeal for Malawi, which probably went largely unnoticed. Climate change is likely to make famines worse. It's only a few months ago, but it has turned fairly quiet around Make Poverty History again after all the attention in the media and blogs.

The Tsunami Appeals making a lot of headlines in the press and generating a lot of blog entries earlier this year already had a huge impact on donations for African hunger appeals. I expect something similar to happen now, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear the first warnings from some charities soon. After all most people (and governments) are limited in the amounts they are able to donate and can only make the donation once.

That's why I decided to donate for the West Africa crisis appeal.

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