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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Sep/2005: "No, I Don't Want iTunes"

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No, I Don't Want iTunes

Is that really necessary, Apple? So you've finally released QuickTime 7 for Windows. So far, so good. But when I want to upgrade to it, I get sent to a page for QuickTime 7 with iTunes. Huh? iTunes? Did I ask for that? I just wanted QuickTime, not some other for me useless software with it. OK, OK, after looking closely and reading the page in detail I found the link for the Standalone QuickTime Player. But I still can't say that I'm impressed with those tactics.

Quite a few people probably didn't find the link or didn't even know that they could look for it. So they installed software they didn't need and/or wanted. I almost did, as the link isn't exactly prominent. Hey, the free version Real Player is easier to find, and they try to shove the pay version down your throat at every opportunity!

Either way, I have no need for iTunes or any of the other iGadgets Apple just released. All the iZombies I see every day now are enough for me, I don't have any need to join them. Some cables (usually white) coming out of their ears and they are pretty much oblivious and ignorant to their surroundings. No reaction to a friendly greeting, shut off from the world in their cocoon. No, I don't want to join them.

Which is why I'm a bit annoyed when Apple tries to sneak iTunes on to my system.

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