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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Sep/2005: "The Real Monica"

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The Real Monica

When I posted about the Russia Connection a week ago I pointed out that it is a scam and doubted that Monica Salois exists. The first one is still correct, but the second part is not entirely correct. While I have no means to verify it I believe the e-mail I received yesterday from a real Monica Salois is true:

Alert! There is a real Monica Salois and she has nothing to do with Russian Oil! My identity has been stolen and is now being used in a Nigerian type 419 fraud now coming out of Russia. In April, 2005,I was approached by a similar scam coming from London. A man dying of cancer wanted to have me be his "partner" and distribute $25 million to charities, for which I was to receive 4% for my services. Yeah right! I reported this to the US FBI and was told to "go along with it to get more information". The scammer asked me for a copy of my driver's license so his attorney could prepare the proper papers, etc., which I sent him in an email. The communication involved the dying man, his attorney, and his doctor, who were all actors in the scam...and it only lasted a week. It moved really fast but took up a whole week of my time. I tried to verify his reported location at the clinic in London, his web address, the location and registry of his attorney, doctor, etc. and when I discovered he and his associates didn't exist (were lying and untraceable), I refused to participate any further. I was then advised by the FBI to drop all communication with the scammers. The point of the fraud is to get you to divulge your bank account numbers or to receive a cashier's check for funds that you will, in turn, forward by Western Union to an attorney or some other official so it appears that the funds are your funds. The cashier's check turns out to be counterfeit and you are notified several days later after you have sent out your own, or the banks legitimate funds.
Now I have discovered my identity is now being used to entice other victims into yet another spin on the same please post this to warn all your readers that my name is being used without my permission in a fraud. Do not give the any personal information to these people and do not respond to them!
-Monica Salois....the real one!

The real Monica Salois isn't in the oil and/or scam business, instead she sells pet products. A better way to make a living.

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