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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Sep/2005: "Blogging Again"

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Blogging Again

The Editor told me not to blog until the pages are finished, so I took a break from blogging. As a spammer decided to attack a script on one of my sites (I don't think he got anywhere as far as I can tell) the break turned out to be longer than intended. To be on the safe side I spent quite some time over the weekend checking and updating a number of scripts to the latest version. Time I could have spent on working on the Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue. Nevertheless, the latest updates are now online and I'm allowed to blog again:

It was a long day out, but one of the best walks I've done so far: Conival and Ben More Assynt. Two Munros in a day, great views all round. Pictures don't really do the views and the vastness of the landscape justice, even panoramas can only give a rough idea: QTVR panorama of a view east from Conival including the view over Ben More Assynt. QTVR panorama of a view south west from Conival, visibility up to 40 miles over The Minch to the Isle of Lewis (just, it was a bit hazy). (OK, OK, good job, you can blog again now! Ed.)

And as this is a blog here's a link I found interesting recently: The modern rules of advertising? More to come...

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