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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Jul/2005: "No, I Won't Watch Live 8"

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No, I Won't Watch Live 8

Avoiding it is not easy because all radio stations are full of it as well, but I won't be watching or listening to Live 8 either. While I don't disagree with the arguments of the Make Poverty History campaign I don't believe debt relief and trade barrier reduction will solve much of the poverty. There are other problems to address:

Unfortunately I can't find a link to it and I'm not sure what the program was called either, but last night I was listening to a program on BBC Radio 4 (at that time it seems to be the same programme as BBC World Service). It highlighted the problem of corruption, aid dependency etc. I can't remember the name and where he was from, a local aid coordinator (or something like that, can't remember exactly) stressed that as long as corruption isn't addressed not much will change regardless of what happens with the debt. Something with a similar topic can be found here at "The Aid Trap" programme. As long as that isn't addressed I have my doubts that debt relief will have much impact. Much of the money will just flow into the pockets of corrupt people.

And that's why I won't watch some aging rock stars (with a few young upstarts sprinkled in) celebrating and congratulating themselves and why I don't think the G8 meeting will bring much change either.

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