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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/Jun/2005: "Bad MIT Browser Check"

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Bad MIT Browser Check

You would expect that the MIT gets it right, wouldn't you? OK, to an extent it's my own fault, but then again I'm told there are better ways to identify browsers. A number of blogs mentioned the MIT Weblog Survey, so thought I give it a try. Only to be shown the door as soon as clicked on the link:

MIT Weblog Survey : Unsupported Browser

It appears that you are using an outdated or unsupported browswer. In order to participate in the MIT Weblog Survey, you'll need to upgrade to one of the following: List of browsers, including IE, Mozilla and Firefox.

Here's the catch: My browser is a Mozilla 1.7.8, although it doesn't admit to it. I've changed the user agent string to something different (Before you ask why: Because I can), which seems to throw off their browser check. I'm no expert on this, but reliable sources tell me there are better ways to check browser compatibility if it is really required (through a number of Javascript capabilities I think, but not the user agent string). And even if that doesn't work, why isn't there a link allowing me to continue anyway? Let me in anyway, trust me, my browser will work with this?

I guess I won't participate then.

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