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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Feb/2005: "Order Arrived"

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Order Arrived

Picture of a cardboard box

That was quick: When I arrived back home from work there was one of these "We tried to deliver a parcel" cards waiting for me. A quick look at my watch, 10 minutes until their depot closed. The depot is about 10 minutes drive from my house. I tried to call, but the line was busy. Decided to take a risk, got into the car and drove over as fast as legally possible. Arrived at 18:05, too late? No, they were working late and still open, phew. Signed for it and drove home.

I've started to put away my old stereo, after dinner it will be time to set up my new Pure Digital Legato. Should it be quiet on this blog for the next few days, you know why. To keep you busy if I don't find the time to post here are a few links you might find interesting:

OK, that's enough for now, time to get something to eat and set up my new stereo...

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