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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Feb/2005: "First Impressions"

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First Impressions

Up and running. The box is now empty apart from the styrofoam and some plastic bags. The old stereo is dismantled and the Legato is up and running. So what are my first impressions? Is it living up to my expectations?

Setting it up was easy, plugging in aerial, speakers and power was done in a minute. Turning it on and running the autoscan was done quickly and I was ready. Operation seems to be very easy, the menu and remote are quite self-explanatory, everything I wanted to do so far I managed to figure out within a very short time. Sound seems to be OK, although it is different to my old system and speakers. It also says in the instructions that the speakers need to be "run in" over a few days.

I'm sure there will be more in a few days. Hopefully still positive.

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