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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Feb/2005: "Order Shipped"

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Order Shipped

On Saturday I decided that I finally had enough of the broken display of my stereo (the backlight isn't working any more, so it's very difficult to see anything on it). As I had been pondering a micro system with DAB for a while I decided to go for it now. The choice was simple, I already had the Legato DAB/FM/CD micro system on my list.

After a few phone calls to local stores I quickly gave up and decided that shopping online again would be the best option. The Pure Digital Stockists list lead me to Simplyradios. Placing the order was quite straightforward, even when the website isn't a design masterpiece. The order confirmation arrived soon and this morning I received the shipping confirmation. As I decided standard delivery would be sufficient I should have it within 3-8 working days. Let's see how long it will take and if it can live up to the high expectations I have after the excellent experience I had with the Pure Evoke-1 over the last two years.

Updates and reviews to follow.

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