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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Feb/2005: "Commuting Life Balance"

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Commuting Life Balance

For most of my life I've lived fairly close to my place of school, study or work. I think the furthest was about 45min (but that was only when I worked late and the buses were running less frequently). Which was the reason for moving as close as possible to work when I last moved. It now takes me about 10min to walk to/from work. A luxury I currently don't want to miss, especially after reading about some extreme commuting in the US.

Not that the UK is any better. The report is two years old, but I doubt that much has changed from the 45 minutes it took the average UK commuter in 2003. And I wonder if Louise Blakemore is still commuting six hours every day from the Isle of Wight to London and back?

I fail to understand how such journeys can make any sense and people who do it can claim it is worth it. A day has 24 hours. Let's assume 7 hours are spent sleeping (I guess those extreme commuters also sleep during parts of the journey, depending on how often they have to change train, bus or whatever they travel with. Unless they are driving themselves), which leaves 17 waking hours. 6 hours are spent commuting, which leaves 11 hours. Let's assume including lunch break 8.5 hours are spent at work, which leaves 2.5 hours. Say 30min are spent in the bathroom and preparing for the next day etc, which leaves 2 hours. May be another hour is spent on meals, housework and the like. That leaves about one hour for other things, may be some sport or time with the family.

What kind of life is that? I think it would depress me so much that even doing all the 99 things from this list wouldn't cheer me up. Apart from the fact that I wouldn't have time to do most of them.

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