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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/Feb/2005: "10 Years"

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10 Years

I must admit, I almost missed it. But then I just logged into my work e-mail (yes, I know it's Sunday, but I wanted to prepare my mind for tomorrow) and there was an e-mail reminding me of it. It is 10 years ago today that I left university behind and started in my first "real" job. It is also 10 years ago that I first moved to England where I've now lived 7.5 years of the last 10 years (I moved to Munich for 2.5 years 1998-2000). Come to think of it, if I deduct the various holidays and the sabbatical I spent in Scotland it's probably only 7 years in England ;-)

It's too late today for a long review of the time, for now I'll summarise it as follows: While there have been ups and downs both at work and in my private life, the positive is exceeding the negative by far. I have few regrets about the decisions I've made, in particular moving here 10 years ago and then returning after the period in Munich must have been two of the best decisions I made in my life. If I find the time I'll write a bit more about it over the next few days.

My 10 year service award will probably pay for the Pure Digital Tempus DAB Radio purchase I had to postpone recently. More good news ;-)

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