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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Jan/2005: "Hacking or Gym?"

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Hacking or Gym?

Warning: Cheap punnage or crap joke ahead. Anyway, it sounded good in my head. Let's go: Here's my latest dilemma: Should I do some hacking or should I go to the gym?

A few weeks ago Mind Hacks by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb made its way through the blogs and I decided to buy it. Then I read a review of The Mind Gym: Wake Your Mind Up and bought that as well. The first one gives me Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain, the second one promises me to wake your mind up.

I've now read the odd page or even a chapter in both. Mind Hacks seems to be a more "geeky" book and more theoretical. Some of what I've seen was quite interesting but I felt of little practical value. The Mind Gym seems to be more like one of those self help books. A lot of the examples I've read gave me this "yes, I recognise that situation" response and most of the suggested exercises sound really practical.

Both look very interesting. Which leaves me with the question of hacking or going to the gym first. Or buying another book about decision making.

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