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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Jan/2005: "Linkdump"

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Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon in the waiting room of a garage, waiting for my car to be fixed. Today I spent a few hours in a huge hangar, helping to pack pallets for the Wiltshire Mercy Appeal (quite impressive by the way, if you have some time to spare you might want to drop in, I think they can still need help). Meaning I didn't have much time to catch up on some of the links I collected last week. Before they go stale I thought I post a few here now:

Jeremy Clarkson Bashing

My recent entry about Jeremy Clarkson brought me a few angry e-mails. Reading a review of the Ford GT brought a grin to my face again with gems like Bonnie Tyler costume of tight jeans, cowboy boots and leather jacket and but I fear those tight denims have finally begun to restrict the circulation to his brain. The GT is an exhilarating and graceful car, but, ultimately, I can't help feeling that it is...(insert Clarkson-esque pregnant pause)...the Mondeo of the Gods.

(Please send your angry e-mails to Michael Booth at The Independent)

Watching the Watchers

Watching MediaWatch (and Christian Voice). Via Bloggerheads.

Scary. But will anything be done about it?

Probably not. In particular not as long as an oil man is president of the United States. Global Dimming through air pollution. One part of the pollution hides/reduces the impact of another part. For now.

IT Support?

Thinking back to Christmas some of this rings true, but only for some more difficult things. For most of it neither my mother nor my sister need IT help from me. Which is good.

And that's enough links for now. Bedtime. More tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

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